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Theft-Prevention Tips for Luxury Vehicles

Car theft is not only expensive, both in terms of the damage to your vehicle and the loss of your personal possessions, but it can also be rattling and inconvenient. Luxury vehicles are a popular target for car thieves, who can quickly sell your vehicle at a great price.

While you cannot entirely guarantee that your luxury vehicle will never be stolen, there are still plenty of precautions that you can take. These theft-prevention tips from Mercedes-Benz of Annapolis should help to keep your valuable asset safe.

Check your surroundings

Choosing where to park your luxury car is an important decision. On the basis that your car is most likely to be stolen when it is unoccupied, you should aim to park your vehicle in well-lit, busy places where thieves will quickly be targeted. Given the relative value of your vehicle versus the cost of parking, it is always worth choosing a secure, manned car park, ensuring that your car is parked within the line of sight of security cameras and even parking personnel.

Invest in anti-theft devices

Ensure that your car is fitted with a top-level anti-theft device, and ensure that the details of this are displayed in your car windows. Many thieves are opportunists looking for a quick result, and the longer it takes them to steal your car, the less likely they are to try. An electronic engine immobilizer is one of the most secure devices, especially when coupled with an alarm. For additional, exceedingly visible protection, you may want to add a physical device, such as a steering wheel locking bar or a wheel clamp. You should also consider fitting some sort of tracking device so that, in the worst-case scenario, it may be possible to track down your vehicle.

Be careful at home, too

Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that you will not be targeted at home, so you must think carefully about how you store your car. Ensure that you keep the car in a secure garage, watching the garage door closely when you enter to be certain that a would-be thief has not slipped in behind you. Consider investing in a security camera and don't forget to use physical immobilizing devices even when you're parked in your garage.

Don't let your keys wander

Make sure that you always know where your car keys are, including any spare sets. Spare keys should not be left lying around and should be stored in a secure place (preferably a home safe or similar). Indeed, when you return home and park your car, you should ensure that your primary keys are stored equally safely. Never leave keys lying around where they can be seen through windows or on your desk at work, for example.

It may seem obvious, but it's also important never to leave your keys in the car when the engine is running. Even if you only intend to get out for a brief time, take your keys with you. Similarly, ensure that when you leave your car that it is locked and secured appropriately and that all the windows are closed. Ensure that your ignition key is different to the key for the glove compartment and or trunk. When parking, turn your wheels towards the curb and engage your emergency brake. This makes it harder to tow the car away.